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To lose weight (body fat), you need to be in a caloric deficit. You need to consume less energy than you expend.

Select your meal options below accordingly, to put yourself in a caloric deficit.

The LEVEL 1 plan is low in calories, but slightly higher in calories than LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 3 plans.

Maintain a comfortable, efficient, healthy lifestyle, while steadily losing the extra weight.

No more shopping, prepping or cleaning.

Great flavor and variety. High Protein.

We are displaying only some representative ENTREES, BREAKFASTS and SNACKS. There are more similar meals in this plan.

We will start you off with our recommended mix of meals with maximum variety. Our experienced clients can customize their meals. If you want to customize, we recommend that you contact us 2 weeks after you start.

You will be able to specify your allergies during checkout.

The plan provides meals for 6 days per week, MONDAY to SATURDAY. SUNDAY is a controlled indulgence day.

We deliver twice a week, on SUNDAY and WEDNESDAY.

If you have any questions about your plan, you can book a FREE CONSULTATION with Andrei before or after you place your order.

ENTREES are Lunch and/or Dinner meals.


5 reviews for WEIGHT LOSS LEVEL 1 PLAN

  1. Peter P (verified owner)

    my fav plan, I like to remix it with my own variations but this is a great base or starter to stick with!

  2. Peter Skoubouris

    I have been on the Lifestyle plan for 14 weeks eating 1 lifestyle and 1 breakfast meal and have lost 40lbs. I have been battling weight loss for 20+ years and can honestly say One Life Meals has literally changed my life for the better. I would highly recommend One Life meal plans to anybody battling weight loss or simply want to eat healthier.

  3. adeebhaddadi

    I highly recommend a lifestyle plan for someone who is looking for long term sustainability and weight loss. Tried many approaches over the years that worked short term but were not sustainable. Lifestyle meals have a fair size portion that keep you full and satiated. All the meals are well balanced and delicious. I have been eating one lifestyle meal and one get fit meal for 8 months now and have zero cravings. These meals definitely satisfy all my taste buds.

  4. Kenny Ratatsidis

    If you are READY for delicious tasting food, while still being able to stay on track with your physique goals, this is for YOU. As an exercise professional, It is a passion along with my priority to remain in good shape throughout the year. Due to a demanding job of seeing clients back to back, the lifestyle plan has saved me and even my family! The amount of TIME that has been saved NOT cooking ourselves is not only a financial saviour (more time to focus on business and personal hobbies and tasks) but also saves me a ton of headache of having to cook myself. You can’t buy your time back! Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever! Oh, I almost forgot, the lifestyle plan is like receiving a delicious home cooked meal from a world class chef… SO GOOD! 5+ stars, HIGHLY recommended!

  5. Antonia S

    Keeping fit and staying healthy with the lifestyle plan honestly seems too easy. I’m eating delicious and healthy food that I look forward to week after week. Some of my favourites are the stuffed peppers, pasta bolognese and the fish (mmmm best fish). I can’t say enough good things about being on this plan. It saves me time, I feel and look good, I enjoy my meals and I can focus on the things that are important to me, knowing that someone else is making sure my body is well-nourished (which is also high on my value list, but really time-consuming). So grateful to OneLife!! Oh and I was never a breakfast person until I tried their breakfasts. Wow

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