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How to Pick Your Own Meals

We have helped our clients lose a combined total of 142,000 lbs of fat !*

That is equivalent to 47 honda civics !

* Average order = 12 meals / week / client. Average fat loss = 1.5 lbs / week / client. Total meals delivered = 1,135,000.

How it Works

Select Your Meals

It’s simple! You can order a weekly plan, order meals one time or book a free consultation and we will help you select the right plan!

Free Delivery

Delivery is free for orders over $120. We deliver your meals fresh, twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesday.

Heat and Enjoy

Store your meals in the fridge and heat up an entree when it’s meal time! Breakfast and snack meals do not have to be heated!

Hear it From Our Clients!

Great service, always on schedule. Food tastes great and definitely has its benefits to cut some serious calories.
Liby Thomas
Amazing service, amazing food, extremely accommodating with special requests! The free delivery is a bonus! I am so happy I found out about One Life Meals and will continue to order with them.
Amazing food and at the same time as healthy as it gets. All the meals are full of colour and natural flavour which leaves my mind/body feeling amazing after every meal and the best part is my energy is always up and I can honestly say OneLife gives me that extra kick to train all my clients as a personal trainer and to train myself let alone compete as a bodybuilder !! Everything is always consistently cooked and seasoned to perfection with the best quality oils/salts/spices
Alex Marchisello
Excellent quality and customer service. Ideal for everyone specially those who live a busy and productive lifestyle. Great experience, highly recommended!
Hamid Zebarjad
OneLife is simply amazing. I never write reviews for anything but this is a game changer for me. Having healthy prepared meals at your fingertips will change your life. No more excuses for McDonalds, pizza slices or subway. Quality of food - Excellent. Taste of food - Excellent Customer service - Fantastic!!! Duration - 4 months and counting Results - free time to go to the gym, 20 lb. fat loss, feeling like a million bucks.
Randy Ly
Great for people with mental health issues. I suffer from depression and panic attacks. Hard enough to get out of bed sometimes, let alone prepare a meal or cook. I usually order fast food and have gotten real fat because of it. This is amazing. Great food, good portions, and great variety. I haven't ordered fast food since I signed up and purchased One Life Meals. I would highly recommend it. The delivery guy is sweet and always gives my doggies some attention as well, which is a plus. 😀 I ordered the Lifestyle meal option and they're always on schedule. Their food tastes yummy!
Ellie Lannister
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Are you looking for one of the best-rated meal delivery services Toronto has to offer? With One Life Meals, residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) don’t have to eat unhealthy fast foods or hassle to prepare meals at home, we’ve got you covered.

Our main priority is your health, so we use food as medicine. Our expert chefs use the best cooking methods to create hearty meals, which focus on optimizing nutritional value retention.


Welcome to One Life Meals! We are one of the leading Canadian providers of meal subscription boxes. Operating in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), we provide residents with complementary and customizable meal subscription box plans that are healthy, affordable and suitable for everyone. We craft meals made from delicious recipes, use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and then deliver them right to your doorstep.


One of the biggest reasons people neglect healthy eating is due to a lack of time in their daily life. If you live in the GTA, we know there are a myriad of reasons why you may be crunched for time right now. Perhaps you’re a full time mom, studying for exams, a business owner, holding down two jobs or juggling multiple projects all at once. Or maybe cooking just isn’t your thing. Whatever the case, we understand things get busy — that’s why we want to help you out! We believe that eating healthy should never have to feel like a full time job or a chore.

Our meal subscription box plan is here to help GTA residents adopt a healthier lifestyle, all while not having to spend any time worrying about cooking, cleaning or taking time away from their other stuff. Let us help you create the perfect healthy eating plan and take care of all the work for you. That way, you can spend worry-free evenings grabbing dinner at your favourite spot: your home.


Our excellent healthy meal prep delivery Toronto service offers various healthy foods right to your doorstep. We aim to give you the best culinary and service experiences in a variety of ways, including:

  • Using fresh locally-sourced ingredients to prepare nutritious meals
  • Offering phone consultations at no cost for our clients
  • Helping you select the right meal plan
  • Booking check-in calls for weekly progress
  • Free delivery for orders above $120

Do you want a meal plan with the freedom to change portion sizes and remove or add some ingredients? One Life Meals is the best meal prep service Toronto has to offer its residents, as everyone can get an ideal meal plan depending on their diet and health goals. Welcome, we’ll customize our menu to suit your needs.


GTA residents can see for themselves how our meal subscription box plans offer a healthy alternative to eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of our premade meals are crafted using fresh, high-quality ingredients that are always in-season and always pass all of our strict food safety standards. We guarantee that our meals are packed with plenty of nutrition to give you the energy and reassurance you need.


Whether your goal is to lose weight, bulk or simply just maintain a healthy lifestyle, all of our meal prep options are nutritious and freshly cooked. We make sure you have access to the right amount of macronutrients, protein, healthy fats or complex carbs needed to meet your dietary goals.