Wholesome. Simple.

The Onelife philosophy is that food is the best form of proactive and reactive medicine.

Our program is designed around the concept of conditioning. When we consume consistent meals at a repeatable frequency, our body learns to trust us, stops fearing, and will come out of starvation mode. This is the best and most sustainable way to improve our physical and mental health, lose fat and gain muscle mass.

Our team here at One Life will be happier when:

  • You don’t spend hours daily shopping, cooking and stressing over food
  • ​You don’t skip meals
  • You enjoy your meals and your lifestyle
  • You achieve and maintain your desired results


  • Cooked, portioned, healthy and delicious meals
  • Consistent macronutrients with each meal (protein, carbs and fats)
  • We cater to all; from athletes to busy entrepreneurs
  • Packaged in compostable containers
  • Delivered twice a week to your door


  • We use seasonal, local, organic produce where possible
  • Hormone free, antibiotic free meat
  • We only use organic coconut oil and olive oil
  • All our chicken and beef is Halal by hand, HMA certified
  • No table salt, vegetable oils or preservatives
  • Various dairy free and gluten free options
  • Various plant based (vegan) options