Alternating Menu
We alternate Menu A and Menu B every week, to provide more variety, while maintaining the macro and micro consistency of each plan.

Order Process
You can order individual meals or bulk proteins, carbs and greens.
For individual meals, you can Order One Time, for 1 week or for 4 weeks. The 4 week plan offers a 5% discount. You can also Subscribe Weekly. This option offers a 5% discount as well. Select one of the two options, you will be guided to the right plan, based on your goals, meal preferences and allergies.

Delivery Process
We deliver on Sunday and Wednesday evening. On Sunday you will receive your meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday you will receive your meals for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We can also deliver your meals Monday morning and Thursday morning if it suits your lifestyle better.

On Sundays and Wednesdays, you will receive a text message from one of our representatives, confirming your delivery. Please ensure someone is available to receive your order within the delivery time window. We do not use any preservatives or additives in our meals, and it is very important to get the meals in your fridge as soon as possible.

Unless agreed upon otherwise, if you are not home, your meals will be left at your front door or with your concierge in a thermal insulated bag which keeps food cold for 3 hours.

The first 2 bags will be free of charge. After that, we will track the number of bags that are dropped off, and we will charge you $5 per bag. At the same time, if you return bags at a later date, you will be refunded $5 per bag.

On the day of your next delivery, please leave the empty bag at the door or with your concierge, and we will place your next batch of meals inside. You can also leave a cooler out and we will place your meals inside. If you live in a condominium, please inform your concierge in advance that you are expecting a food delivery.

Post-Delivery Process
As soon as you receive your meals, you will need to store them in your refrigerator, set between 1 degree C and 4 degrees C. The meals will stay fresh in the refrigerator for approximately 5 days, but we recommend that you consume them within 3 days. Fresh, preservative-free meals have a higher probability of spoilage, and storage temperature is a critical factor.

Please note that consuming undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. The probabilitty of this is very low however, due to our strict food safety practices.

Plan your day wisely! Depending on whether you order 2, 3 or 4 meals a day, you might still have to prepare some meals for yourself. A protein shake, yogurt or some nuts are great, quick options for additional meals throughout the day.

You can warm up your meal in the microwave in the container provided. If you warm up your meal in a toaster oven or a regular oven, you will need to use an oven friendly container.

At the beginning, if required, we recommend that you use additional sauces (ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, etc) and spices (Mrs Dash, oregano, pepper, salt, etc). A small amount is fine and will do wonders in terms of keeping you on course! Sustainability! Sustainability! Sustainability!

You do not need to return the containers. They are recyclable, please dispose of accordingly!

Enjoy and live well!