Why do you ask for my consent to use cookies?

Cookies have been around the internet for decades. Websites use cookies to improve your experience. For example, a cookie can prevent you from entering the same name over and over again, even after you leave the site. Do you notice how some shopping sites “remember” your previous selections or your name? That’s thanks to a cookie.

We do NOT hook up to Facebook Cookies which are known as marketing cookies.

When you consent to the cookies, you let us collect information which helps with things like:

Cookies required to run the site

These cookies are specific to the Onelifemeals platform and store data about the settings used, the browser language, or the language you set to display the site, as well as your favorite products or choices you make when you filter products.

Functional cookies, performance of web pages

They memorize user preferences so that a new preference setting is no longer required at the next visit.

Traffic analysis cookies

This tells us if a certain user has previously viewed this site or pages from this site, being used only for statistical purposes.  Google Analytics is a good use of this type of cookie which we do use.

Cookies for registration

These are generated when you memorize the request to register on the site. These cookies show us the account with which you have registered, so you can associate your reviews or actions on the site with your account. Cookies are deleted if you deselect the option to keep you registered.

Are you collecting my personal information like Facebook or Google?

No! We value your patronage and protect your privacy. We only need to remember your delivery information and meal preferences. Like all good websites should, we don’t store any cookie information permanently. We are not going to allow any other businesses to access your personal information. We are not going to sell or share your personal information with any other parties.

Site Security

In addition to SSL, we use premium paid services to further protect this website.