Why Sleep Is So Important To Your Health

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Low energy throughout the day? Not in the best mood? Not getting the fitness results you expect?

Let’s talk SLEEP!

Each one of us has a Body Clock inside our brains called a Circadian Rhythm.

The Circadian Rhythm influences our sleep/wake cycles, eating habits and digestion, recovery, hormone releases, energy and mood. Pretty important stuff! Historically we followed the sun cycle/rhythm where we woke up when the sun came up (lights on) and prepared to sleep when the sun went down (lights off). Light exposure, therefore, is very critical for a healthy Circadian Rhythm.

Two hormones play a big role here. Cortisol, our stress and alertness hormone and Melatonin, our sleep hormone. The goal is to have a Circadian Rhythm with higher Cortisol levels and lower Melatonin in the morning; and lower Cortisol and higher Melatonin in the evening.


✔️Get some sunlight exposure early in the day. This is to tell the brain that it’s time to ‘wake’.

✔️Less exposure to bright lights (blue light) at night in order to prepare for ‘sleep’ mode.

✔️Reduce stressful situations (cortisol) later at night, again to allow Melatonin to take over and induce ‘sleep’ mode.

✔️And as always please do more of your own research! There are some cool bio-hacks and devices available to help with setting an optimal Circadian Rhythm. Blue light blockers, amber lights, blue light therapy etc.

If you’re not sure about your lifestyle, book a free consultation and get a personalized health assessment!


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