How To Eat Healthy Everyday

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We all know that person that can eat the same healthy food daily, and not complain about the lack of taste. Chances are they look and feel pretty awesome too!!! How do they do it? How to eat healthy everyday?

The science of food taste and flavor is very interesting and has always been a critical mechanism in our survival and our ability to thrive.

We all have small taste buds on our tongue which act like sensors for taste. These sensors identify the food that we eat and communicate to our brain what is coming. This process is very important, as it prepares our digestive system to process incoming food.


Historically, humans have lived mainly in tough times, where food was scarce and famine and starvation were common. Over time, we have evolved to favour and receive brain pleasure rewards from foods higher in sugar and fats as those gave us more chances of survival, in the form of maximum energy and calories. Today we live in a different world, where food is very abundant and we are much less active. Our problem has changed from not enough food to too much food. Unfortunately, our taste buds still function the same way, where they favor foods higher in sugar and fats.


The good news is that we do have the ability to ‘re-program’ ourselves for today’s lifestyle to favor healthier foods lower in calories and higher in nutrition, once we understand how this mechanism works. This reprogramming period can be a little challenging, cravings do intensify, as our brain tries to convince us to go back to the old ways. Here is where we need to stay focused and have faith that things will get better. That magic time period seems to be about 4 – 6 weeks. After this period, our brain will change and adapt and we will start favoring and getting pleasure rewards from simpler, healthier foods.

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